Online Singles Dating: Making the Most Out of It!

Singles find it so interesting and awesome to go into dating. In fact, for some that are not quite of age, they look forward to the day they will try out the romantic things adults talk about, but with the internet, they do not have to wait that long anymore. Online singles dating can be things of fun especially with the knowledge that you are not seen, and you can express romantic feelings to the other party without having to physically own up to it.

Meanwhile, online singles dating is a way of escape for many people who want to try out romantic relationships in the safest way possible. This is because an online singles dating could remain an online singles dating, without an interest from both parties to meet at all and without the risks of sexual experiments. So from the view of a youngster, online singles dating could be appropriate to take the place of pen-pals that used to exist in the old days.

For the more matured, what are the things you need to know about online singles dating in order to make the most out of it? The following tips would serve to help you in this regard:

Find a suitable online dating site that serves your needs: You can not fully explore the potentials of online singles dating without joining a dating site online. There are many online dating sites that are tailored to meet specific needs; there are those for the Chinese, Africans, Indians and Muslims only, and there are those that cater to all needs and profiles. With online singles dating, you would be able to see the profiles of persons that match your specifications and see their pictures. Dating sites allow you to have basic information about their members as posted in their personal profiles that help you to make a choice of who to date and who not to date.

Do not post very intimate details in your profile: While you may upload your picture and state your interests in your profile for online singles dating, you must not post any personal contact details that might compromise your personal security. Posting your home address and personal phone numbers and places of work or bank account details would open you up to dangers you might regret. Be mindful that you do not reveal much in your profile until you meet the person you want at dates much later.

Watch out for danger signals from the other party: With online singles dating, you must watch out for warning and danger signals from your online dates to ascertain if the person is actually who he or she makes out to be. This is because there are many fraudsters online who are out to scam you and drain your bank or online accounts, and there are impostors online who are out to see how to kidnap the daughter of a rich senator or a wealthy businessman. Many young girls and boys have been kidnapped and killed or used as ransom to wreck their family financial positions.

How to Spot a Dishonest Date & Break the Pattern

I don’t think there is a personality type that attracts the liars or the bad boys, but there is a pattern and there is a challenge, each individual is different, people lie for so many different reasons…

I hear people and friends complaining about meeting someone on line who is NOT the person in the picture or NOT any thing as they described themselves in their profile, even the profession age and the religion was a lie… you wander……is it a pattern or not a pattern when it comes to the lying person?

This people know that they are probably flat face impostors, which are why they are on the dating site like hunters, their purpose is to score how many dates they get, and how many dates they take to bed or how many they can cone or even use them financially, or just to live a lie to boost their self esteem..

Don’t forget, most liars believe in their own lies, it becomes part of their reality.

Some of these men or woman are even married or dating others, it is the urge of the unseal challenge and sensation that makes them become confused but it is for them to survive in dangerous situations that effect their body, they don’t feel anything, no shame, no guilt, no pain, so they can focus all their attentions resources and energy to hunt male or female to free themselves from the responsibility of lying, there for they get away with it, and if you a woman or a man, just stay away from them, or you will get hurt, you must say NO, only when you say, No Way Jose, You cannot fool me, only then their adrenaline will stop and they will be fatigued from being disengaged and that will create a distance as they become alienated and it will affect their relationship, they will feel the distant from their family, children and relative…. because they were stopped by you, only then they will chose to change, when it hurts back.

So do you attract the “deceivers”, if yes, keep reading, you can break the pattern.

And I am not saying this could not happen to anyone and everyone at some point here or their, but the pattern of it happening over and over again is in your hands.


No more being lied to multiple times a day that means not only with dating, but with all aspects of your life, such as work friends and family.

Yes, I know, it hurt and it’s unfair, when it come to the intimate arena of love and dating, whether it’s a first date or someone you are forming an exciting new relationship with.

Unfortunately our society lies in a normal part of everyday life. People tell small lies to make them self more likable and excepted.

I went on multiple dates and they didn’t look like their pictures, or they were married, or they were too young or too old, even gay guys pretending to be heterosexual to find a wife and hide in the closet, and the worst one was, pretending to be same religion as the other person was, so in their mind they will be excepted by you, not even knowing who you are or what you like, that is pity, it’s not enough that they say they are spiritual so they don’t reveal their true religion, but they lie about their age and actually they pretend to be same age when they look either too young or too old? I find it disrespectful and dishonest with there own identity; I don’t remember anyone submitting an application to “GOD” and asking to be born into religion, so why not being honest? Our parent are who they are and you were born into a religion and practicing it or not is a choice, but please, this is getting out of hands.

However, it’s when the lying gets out of hand that it becomes harmful in a relationship, like infidelity or else.

If someone you are dating repeatedly lies to you for their own personal gain, you need to be aware of it, by becoming a better lie detector, you can prevent others from taking advantage of you, both literally and emotionally, by asking questions, and if that person is not willing to answer your questions, or constantly changes his or her version and end up accusing you being crazy or pushy, then you better off without this date, you just move on to the next and next until it feel right for both of you.

Here is how you can spot a liar on dating sites:

It says he/she are spiritual, and when you ask them, OK, what is your parent religion, practicing or not, and the answer is, we all have one god.

If He/she says you don’t understand.

If He/she says you are crazy.

If He/she says you are too pushy.

If He/she says you are imagining things.

If He/she says it’s all in your head.

If He/she says you cannot come to visit unexpected?

** When, they usually have someone else their.

If He/she says they want to be on the dating site to make friends…

OK, this is an explanation someone once shared with me about a date they had:

Pay attention to the pattern, I will underline them.

Please listen. Yes, I lied about my age because I wanted to show you that I am mature as adult grown. I am not pretending to be any of these religions. I think that you don’t understand. I am not like other people and I am very different from them. I do not fear to share everything with your right now. I am telling and sharing with you about everything right now. I’ll tell you now.

My parents are Muslim and they do not practice at all. My sister and I were born Muslim by birth because of my parents. During childhood/kid, we were Muslim but we didn’t practice. During our teenager, we became Christian and she still is Christian now. (None are Christian)

In middle school, I became Christian and we had a Christian class and we were talking about bible and Jesus. Then after high school, “I decided to be all religions”. I do not care about what anyone would say, feel or think of me about being in all religions. Even if anyone says that I can not be in all of them but only one of them. That’s his/her problem. I can do whatever I want to with my life. I don’t fear of being judged. I am being myself as real me. << True statement

Everything that he wrote showed a pattern of lying over and over…. Yes he care, other wise he wouldn’t lie to be accepted.

I am not trying too hard to prove you that I have money when I talked about houses. I don’t like when people think of me about money thing. It’s so stupid and disrespectful. Right now, I am not rich.

If I am with my future girlfriend/wife that I love, I can be same religion as she is which means I would be only one same religion whatever she is. For example, if she is Jewish, then I’ll be Jewish and stay in one religion Jewish….which means that I won’t be any other religion anymore. So we would be both happy together, that’s all I care.

You see, I bet that you never met anyone like me before.

Well not me, but I am sure someone else did…, Now you tell me, How wrong is he?

I am open to all. I liked you a lot Yes, from now on, I want you to know me as real Me, with all the good and bad things….I can do that and I have no problem with that….I can be real true me without thinking of what others will think of me. I am ready and start a new chapter if you give us a chance.

Then he emails another email: (trying too hard)?

I didn’t lie about religion or house or others. I think that I didn’t explain to you clearly and carefully because I forgot to tell you more about it.

I don’t need to practice any of these religions. When anyone asks me about my religion, I would say I am this and that and all of them or any religion.

For example, if a Jewish person asks me if I am Jewish or not, I would say yes, I am or If a Christian person asks me if I am Christian or not, I would say yes or If Muslim person asks me if I am Muslim or not, I would say yes as well as If Spiritual person asks me if I am Spiritual or not, I would say yes. That’s what I meant and I like all religions and I believe in all of them and I respect all of them. Like I told you before in email, I can be all of them.

The most important is to just believe in God and be a good person, and then everything is good. < I am thinking- I agree, very sweet, so why this entire headache?

I lied, because I don’t want you to judge me because of my age, religion or money. Because I know how strict Jewish people are. I just want to prove you that it is not what you think and I am much better than you think. Also I don’t trust people from internet; even they lie about their profiles, too. Once I know that you are not one of them, and then I tell you the truth as honest 100%. I am just being caution with people from dating website online in the beginning. You can’t blame me for that. You would/could do the same things, too, maybe. Sorry.

Well, I think that letter pointed out allot of insecurity about this specific person and why some people do lie.

Until my next dating tips, love and live longer.